Landscaping Maintenance

We Can Make Your Grass Actually Greener

  • Winterize Flower Beds
  • Aerate
  • Roto-Till Large Garden Plots
  • Install Rock or Mulch
  • Recondition/Rebuild current landscape ie- Failed Weed Barrier
  • Routine Mowing
  • Over Seed
  • Apply Soil Amendment to Lawn
  • Spring and Fall Clean up
  • Gutters and Window Wells
  • Concrete Rust Removal
Man laying grass turf rolls for new garden lawn


There is nothing like stepping out to enjoy a beautiful Colorado day in your well manicured, worry free yard. It is no surprise to anyone here in Northern Colorado that Turf maintenance and landscape are big when it comes to, “Your Kurb Appeal.” Set aside play on words, it is also no surprise you need a responsive knowledgeable team when it comes to your landscape maintenance. The great news is, you have one right here.

Did you know your old landscape could have so much more life in it if you choose to refurbish it? We can help with that!

What about making that new landscape last longer? Yep, we can help with that as well through proper scheduled maintenance.
Let’s say, that you’ve got the most stunning flower beds just bursting with color of perennials and annuals, but come fall time you want a break…we welcome you to kick back and let our team take care of the fall cutting back and clean up.


Wait, what about the gutters?

We love cleaning gutters, the best time is fall when we sweep away all the perennials, annuals, and shape up those shrubs. Oh, and don’t forget those debris riddled window wells.

What are those plugs that look suspicious on the grass come Spring and Fall time?

That’s our aerating services, done with precision to ensure there are no broken sprinkler heads for any reason.

Hmm, What about those sprinklers, say blow outs?

We’ve got a guy!

Is there a nice way to say no to those weeds staring me?

Yeah! How about, Kurb Appeals’ vegetation management, well keep those pulled and maintained so you don’t have to avoid the eye contact.

How about price?

We are not only competitive but we deliver, we are on time, and we perform. We have easy online invoicing too!

Will you leave muddy tire spots in my turf like the last guy?

No way, we are not in a rush to break things, or tear things up. Accidents might happen, but they are fixed and owned up immediately. We wont leave you hanging.

I like my lawn to look crisp. Does that make sense?

We will maintain your property properly, every time. Our team ensures quality cut lawns, in several alternating directions leaving, “that first impression” you’ll love.

Scheduling with us is super easy, quick, and well be sure to take great care of you and your property needs. Give us a call, were excited to work together in the near future!

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