Post-Construction Clean-up

Sometimes Things Get Messy


  • Pressure Wash
  • Windows Interior & Exterior
  • Clean Window Screens
  • Unfinished Square Footage & Concrete Cleaning
  • Cedar Ceilings
  • Rock Accent Walls
Clean up broken plate with broom and dustpan. sweep up the splinters

Post Construction

Have you ever invested in something and found manufacturing scraps came with it? Say your new Luxury Sedan had excess glue on the interior wood paneling… Nope, never happened. Well, that newly, beautifully constructed build shouldn’t either. Post- construction is much more than just a a clean. There have been many steps to get everything just right for this build, from zoning and land to design, permits, and fine finishes. Cleaning is no exception when it comes to quality professional results.

What sets us apart?

We have the tools, and knowledge to carefully dust the ceilings down to the walls. Yes, Drywall dust is everywhere even after painting- trust me you’ll find it when you brush up against the walls.

We go through every single cabinet in the home from the custom built ins, to the butler pantry, the bar, the laundry room, master…everywhere. We clean and clear all shavings with precision leaving clean surfaces without residues, and touch every possible surface with special cleaning techniques ensuring perfection.

Picture having that second set of eyes with experience and know how and not just for cleaning. How about the fantastic blue stickers marking discrepancies throughout the build? Those little markings are vital and its hard to catch them all. But, because we touch every surface of new building sites, we have a good eye’dea when it comes to missed discrepancies.

Imagine all of the finishes that were hand selected for this place, all those finishes aren’t complete without our quality care. We use specific fine cleaning methods that will not harm a thing.

Lets look at this more clearly, through those fantastic panoramic windows. Our team is experienced with new construction window cleaning. Removing excess concrete, stucco, paint, and stickers.

Walk into your new build, or showcase the workmanship of your new build with the final touch, the crisp quality Kurb Appeal clean. Well take care of the vents, registers, lighting, chandeliers, and even high ledges and cabinet tops.

With a post construction clean you can count on you can enjoy your new build experience for what it was meant to be.

Were experts when it comes to all your post-construction needs, even unfinished areas of the build will be done with care and precision.

It’s time to really button up that hard work and make it shine with the help from our team of professionals. Feel free to reach out with questions on your build today!

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